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ChannelUser Properties

The properties of the ChannelUser class are listed below. For a complete list of ChannelUser class members, see the ChannelUser Members topic.

Public Instance Properties

Channel Gets the channel name
HopCount Gets or sets the count of hops between you and the user's server
Host Gets the hostname of the user,
Ident Gets the identity (username) of the user, which is used by some IRC networks for authentication.
IrcUser Gets the underlaying IrcUser object
IsAway Gets the away status of the user
IsIrcOp Gets the server operator status of the user
IsOp Gets or sets the op flag of the user (+o)
IsVoice Gets or sets the voice flag of the user (+v)
JoinedChannels Gets the list of channels the user has joined
Nick Gets the nickname of the user
Realname Gets the supposed real name of the user.
Server Gets the server the user is connected to.

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