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IrcCommands Methods

The methods of the IrcCommands class are listed below. For a complete list of IrcCommands class members, see the IrcCommands Members topic.

Public Instance Methods

Ban Overloaded.  
Connect (inherited from IrcConnection) Overloaded. this method has 2 overloads
Deop Overloaded.  
Devoice Overloaded.  
Disconnect (inherited from IrcConnection) Disconnects from the server
Equals (inherited from Object)  
GetHashCode (inherited from Object)  
GetType (inherited from Object)  
Listen (inherited from IrcConnection) Overloaded.  
ListenOnce (inherited from IrcConnection) Overloaded.  
Op Overloaded.  
ReadLine (inherited from IrcConnection)  
Reconnect (inherited from IrcConnection) Reconnects to the server
RfcAdmin Overloaded.  
RfcAway Overloaded.  
RfcConnect Overloaded.  
RfcInfo Overloaded.  
RfcInvite Overloaded.  
RfcIson Overloaded.  
RfcJoin Overloaded.  
RfcKick Overloaded.  
RfcKill Overloaded.  
RfcLinks Overloaded.  
RfcList Overloaded.  
RfcLuser Overloaded.  
RfcMode Overloaded.  
RfcMotd Overloaded.  
RfcNames Overloaded.  
RfcNick Overloaded.  
RfcNotice Overloaded.  
RfcOper Overloaded.  
RfcPart Overloaded.  
RfcPass Overloaded.  
RfcPing Overloaded.  
RfcPong Overloaded.  
RfcPrivmsg Overloaded.  
RfcQuit Overloaded.  
RfcService Overloaded.  
RfcServlist Overloaded.  
RfcSquery Overloaded.  
RfcSquit Overloaded.  
RfcStats Overloaded.  
RfcSummon Overloaded.  
RfcTime Overloaded.  
RfcTopic Overloaded.  
RfcTrace Overloaded.  
RfcUser Overloaded.  
RfcUserhost Overloaded.  
RfcUsers Overloaded.  
RfcVersion Overloaded.  
RfcWallops Overloaded.  
RfcWho Overloaded.  
RfcWhois Overloaded.  
RfcWhowas Overloaded.  
SendMessage Overloaded.  
SendReply Overloaded.  
ToString (inherited from Object)  
Unban Overloaded.  
Voice Overloaded.  
WriteLine (inherited from IrcConnection) Overloaded.  

Protected Instance Methods

Finalize (inherited from Object)  
MemberwiseClone (inherited from Object)  

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