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IrcConnection Properties

The properties of the IrcConnection class are listed below. For a complete list of IrcConnection class members, see the IrcConnection Members topic.

Public Instance Properties

Address Gets the current address of the connection
AddressList Gets the address list of the connection
AutoReconnect By default nothing is done when the library looses the connection to the server. Default: false
AutoRetry If the library should retry to connect when the connection fails. Default: false
AutoRetryDelay Delay between retry attempts in Connect() in seconds. Default: 30
Encoding Encoding which is used for reading and writing to the socket Default: ISO-8859-1
IsConnected On successful connect to the IRC server, this is set to true.
IsRegistered On successful registration on the IRC network, this is set to true.
Port Gets the used port of the connection
SendDelay To prevent flooding the IRC server, it's required to delay each message, given in milliseconds. Default: 200
SocketReceiveTimeout Timeout in seconds for receiving data from the socket Default: 600
SocketSendTimeout Timeout in seconds for sending data to the socket Default: 600
VersionNumber Gets the SmartIrc4net version number
VersionString Gets the full SmartIrc4net version string

Protected Instance Properties

IsConnectionError When a connection error is detected this property will return true

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